Message from the President

Challenging new fields as a global ORIHIRO.

Orihiro has been involved in packaging machinery business for decades, mainly for foods but also for other products, and in health food business that supports the healthy living of all people. We have consistently taken on the challenge of developing our business into new fields. Our sophisticated technological environment that we have built through tireless daily work is capable of handling diverse needs in any direction, and we provide strong support for the corporate activities of our clients as well as contribute to society as a frontrunner that drives technological innovation in the packaging machinery and food industries.

Cooperation between Orihiro’s individual divisions and our group companies is what enables our integrated system from planning and development through to production and sales. We bring together multi-faceted expertise to support safe and secure product craftsmanship and the pursuit of new technologies so that we can successively launch new products that meet the needs. Furthermore, from our business locations all over Japan, we use food to provide healthy lives for people throughout the country. In the area of packaging machinery, we have been working to expand our global market share mainly through Japan head office and factory, domestic group companies, Suzhou Orihiro, and Orihiro USA.

In 2019, we opened the Group’s largest-scale factory―the new ASEP Factory for Orihiro Plantdew―as well as the new Orihiro Head Office. The Machinery Division continues to consolidate step-by-step, and aims to fly even higher. Going forward, we will continue to challenge ourselves in everything with an uncompromising spirit based on our corporate philosophy: “Contribute to society and widen the circle of trust and sincerity.”

代表取締役 鶴田織寛

President: Orihiro Tsuruta